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This 114-page book addresses how annuities insure your retirement, how they offset the destruction caused by Bear Markets, how to understand the differences in annuities, and how annuities work within your overall retirement strategy.

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Step 1 —
Complete Assessment

In less than 1-minute, easily answer 8 questions to determine if an annuity might fit your retirement strategy. We provide a custom-scored report explaining your score, and ideas on how you might approach annuity strategies.

You are provided a pre-qualified advisor in your market/city to talk about the score and options to consider. The first step is to complete the annuity assessment.

Step 2 —
Schedule Appointment

Following the assessment, schedule a 20-minute appointment with an Annuity Master advisor, who will discuss your assessment results.

There’s no obligation during the appointment. When you complete the appointment, be sure your advisor has your mailing address and a copy of Wise Retirement will be mailed the following day.