Will my information be kept confidential?

Absolutely. Agents are required by the states in which they are licensed to adhere to specific ethical standards that protect their client’s information and assures confidentiality is maintained. There is also an additional level of confidentiality required by the companies represented.

Will my agent reside in my community?

Not necessarily. With the growth of virtual meetings and fewer face-to-face meetings, local agents are no longer a necessecity. But the agent will be licensed in the state in which your reside. Additionally, in more complex cases, agents will incur the expense of travel to meet with you.

Are annuities the only products sold?

No, since annuities may not be the best option for your individual situation. All Annuity Master agents are licensed insurance agents in the areas of life & health. Some agents have securities licensing for managing qualified funds. We take a wholistic view of your situation, which may include recommendations for insurance to protect assets, offset pre-existing health issues, or other such reasons.

Do I have to pay the agent for an annuity?

No. The insurance company pays the agent and those funds do not come out of your annuity balance. Your principal investment is secured the day the annuity funds.