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Two U.S. banks have collapsed, the markets are declining, and people’s savings are shrinking. Is your retirement savings losing money and causing stress each time you log in to check the balance? Take a minute and answer 8 simple questions to learn if an annuity is a good strategy to protect your retirement.

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Booklets can be viewed online or printed. They cover a variety of topics from investing strategies to annuity myths to the realities of Social Security.


We address basic information on annuities; funding, taxes, income, market returns, and other information. Initiate the Chat icon on this page for more help.


Annuity videos provide information on how to leverage the power of annuities, review financial news, and keep up with changes in Social Security.

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This 3-part course, Annuity Essentials 101, will help you gain a better understanding of annuities and how they provide solutions to secure and stabilize your retirement.

There’s a Universe of Annuities Out There…

We have access to all of them — and our advisors navigate you to the best performing and top rated annuities to meet your retirement needs.

The Top Short Term Guaranteed Rate Annuities

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Wise Retirement

How to Leverage Annuity Versatility as Your Foundation


What Our Clients Say

“I wasn’t rushed into a decision. My agent was very focused on my situation and how an annuity would best work for me. We met virtually, and it was always a pleasure to connect. Bill is very professional and takes a keen interest in each person’s individual situation.”

Diane D. — New York

“I am very happy with my decision. My agent made me feel like my questions were important and never skipped over or ignored any of my concerns. Ralph is professional and very respectful. The entire process was enjoyable and I’m confident in the decisions he helped me make.”

Craig V. — Reno

“Mark took his time and was very patient with me and my wife’s slow decision process, which lasted months during the COVID shut downs. He was never impatient or pushy in any way. That made the decision to work with Annuity Universe that much easier.”

Mike O. — Denver

“I wasn’t sure this was the best decision for my father but after working with John we found out that it could be an important part of my father’s strategy. We didn’t know how many options there were and John worked until we found the right combination. I strongly recommend him!”

Kyle R. — Colorado